Zak Noyle

Zak Noyle

Based out of Oahu, Hawaii, surf photographer Zak Noyle spends countless hours in the water creating dramatic imagery and artful interpretations of the magnificent ocean environment. From the crystal clarity of a breaking wave to the play of sunlight on a deep-ocean swell, Noyle brings a unique insider's view to the colors, shapes and textures of the sea. He is a staff photographer for Surfer Magazine whose work has also been published in local, national and international surfing magazines and websites such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Surfer's Journal, and National Geographic. Recently Zak shot the Chanel World Wide Men's Cologne campaign with Danny Fuller. Zak's travels have taken him to Tahiti, Indonesia, The Mentawais, Java, Bali, The Philippines, Western Australia, Easter Island, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, and Peru. He is constantly searching for a memorable adventure, spectacular barrels and a unique image.

RVCA x Zak Noyle Camera Bag

Introducing the signature Zak Noyle camera bag designed from the ground up by Zak himself.

We wanted to create fashion yet major function throughout. Everything has a reason on size or the way it closes. The camera compartment on the bottom was selfishly sized to fit my exact cameras as I have the largest height of any Canon camera body made so you know every DSLR camera will fit without being too tall. And yes my full size SPL Waterhousing with two handles on the sides fits in the top and closes! The top features a roll down and clip-to-close function; this allows you to have more or less room as you need for different items packed. - Zak

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