Sid Tapia

Sid Tapia was born & raised in Sydney, the son of Ecuadorian immigrants. From the moment he began learning to use a pen, his mother began teaching him how to take control of it by setting him down on a regular basis for cursive writing lessons which were taken out of her old spanish writing books. In the early 80’s, Sid was first introduced to the fresh and emerging hip hop culture & sound that would shape his formative years. He began to emulate all that the hip-hop culture was pumping out and enthusiastically emerged his identity into it, including the art movement known as graffiti. As the 90’s approached, Sid had harnessed his skateboarding skills to a fuller degree and spent the rest of decade a professional skateboarder. Sid now lives in Sydney as a full time artist, predominately working on large scale murals whilst living with his best friend & wife, Anna-Mei with their beloved daughter, Skylar-Lovelle.

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