Matt Costa

Southern California native Matt Costa spent a good chunk of his teenage years hanging and skateboarding in the neighborhoods that surround RVCA headquarters. After a fall that effectively put an end to Matt’s professional skateboarding aspirations, Matt picked up a guitar and started writing and recording tunes on a 4-Track. RVCA’s own PM Tenore is, in fact, largely responsible for helping get those early recordings out into the world. Matt would spend countless hours hanging with Pat and the rest of the RVCA gang, which eventually led to an introduction to No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont. Tom and Matt quickly became friends and collaborators. Brushfire Records soon took interest, a partnership was formed and the rest is…well, the rest has been recorded for you to discover on your own. Matt still lives in Southern California, and he travels the world making and sharing music with his friends.

Matt Costa - Cigarette Eyes

Matt Costa - Sunshine

Matt Costa @ RVCA

Matt Costa stopped by RVCA HQ the other day and gave us all an intimate show.

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