Matt Archbold

Archy was the original aerial phenomenon, and pioneer in the early California air scene. I remember being a grom seeing all of his old MCD ads in magazines where he would just be throwing huge no-grab, straight airs, and thinking they were so sick. He and Martin Patter were both on that level; they approached waves with that really raw, attacking style. I think Pottz got sucked into surfing the Tour and couldn't focus as much on his airs, but Archy just kept going for it all the time and pushing the limits with his freesurfing - Josh Kerr.

Archy | Built For Speed Surf Documentary

Released in 2008 by Billygoat Productions. Directed by Bill Ballard.

Ford & Archy | RVCA

Footage of Ford and Matt Archbold surfing this Summer in Southern California. Song "Got My Black Shoes On" by Matt McCluer. Video by Metal Neck.

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