Leines View Platform T-Shirt

#R371414 $59.99 AUD 59.99

The RVCA Platform Leines View T-Shirt is a slim fit, vintage wash short sleeve tee with a front chest & back screen print, contrast red stitching at the shoulders, and a screened inside neck label. This limited edition tee features a screenprint by ANP artist Matt Leines. Mattís work draws influences from hermetic sciences to Hulk Hogan and Harald Hardrada to He-man. He draws pictures that depict the culture and conflicts of a fantasy world inhabited by mustached men, wild beasts, and living architecture. Leines presents himself as an insider in an outsider's world, where he serves as both creator and narrator. The emphatically meticulous lines speak to a primitive, yet undeniably modern aesthetic.

This t-shirt is a limited edition, and exclusively availble online at au.rvca.com


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