Sylve Colless || Aurélia

This introspective work explores the concept of metamorphosis – the inexorable process of transformation that shapes body and mind. Building on her earlier series this collection Colless continues a line of inquiry into how dual influences of harmony and chaos profoundly shape our psyche and sense of individuality. Aurelia is synonymous with the butterfly chrysalis and also conjures ideas associated to gold. Process and change are the core of existence, with this comes renewal.

This series looks into both shared and solitary transformational human experiences. Each image represents the flow of energy in the process of personal change: waves that permeate and ricochet, the body itself becomes a reflective surface. The language of light is central and the enduring impression carries the suggestion of enlightenment.

Intended as a counterpoint to Aurelia, a photographic exploration into the concept of change and feminine transformation, Director Daniel Borgman’s installation looks at historical masculinity. The films depict male subjects straining to conform to societies expectations; externally and internally while documenting the transformative effects of time on each subjects ability to meet those expectations.


Special Group Studio
Address: 270 Devonshire St,
Surry Hills NSW (Former Ray Hughes Gallery)

August 25 - September 17
Opening reception Thursday, August 25 5 - 9 pm.

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