Strange Oasis

We are super excited to announce 'Strange Oasis', an exhibition of new works by Elliott Routledge.

In this new body of work, Elliott shows us why he’s known for making bold, harmonious and colourful statements on canvas. There is a sense of child like familiarity to these paintings, using his recognisable palette of colour with the addition of new images and symbolism to further extend his fascination with popular iconography.

The exhibition, which features a series of painted canvas works and a large installation, lays out the ideas of contemporary ideology and belief. A sense of something beyond all the noise and clutter of life that could be. The idea that maybe with all of these things, there is an ideal Oasis we seek to become more comfortable with existence. A place filled with treasures which make up who we are.

‘Strange Oasis’ will see Elliott bring this new body of work to the RVCA Corner Gallery in Melbourne. It will be his second ever solo show in Melbourne and will be open to the public for free.

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