RATS III Launch || Curated By Stefan Marx

RATS is a magazine of few words. Mostly pictures. For the third issue Heavy Time have invited Stefan Marx to assemble a selection of his favourite artists, resulting in a distinct group that’s bound simply by drawing.

Stefan was present for the exhibition opening, accompanied by Masanao Hirayama, who will be creating a wall drawing during the show.


Thomas Baldischwyler

Linus Bill & Adrien Horni

Quentin Chambry

Susan Cianciolo

Espen Frieberg

Ingo Giezendanner

Masanao Hirayama

Francesco Igory Deiana

Ken Kagami

Zebadiah Keneally

Rhys Lee

Stefan Marx

Marcus Oakley

Jason Polan

Wesley Willis

Presented by RVCA and HEAVY TIME.

Exhibition continues May 12 - June 7.

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