Preludes 1 | Sylvé Colless

Sydney photogrpaher Sylve Colless’ latest project,Preludes 1 is part of an ongoing exhibition series exploring the psychological through images of the Physical.

These photographs were shot in Gnarloo - part of the Carnarvon region in remote Western Australia. It is a unique project aiming to capture varying feminine forms set against the elemental desert landscapes of this region while focusing on an array of natural tones to establish a connection between the two.

The ever changing complexion of this landscape beautifully illustrates the juxtaposition of diverse elements working in beautiful harmony. Nowhere is this more powerful than in the coastal margin where the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean clash with sand and rock edges of the Australian continent.

Gnarloo the traditional land of the West Thalanyji People – an ancient and evocative place where physical and metaphysical are interwoven. This raw and beautiful coastal landscape gives heart and identity to it's traditional owners – the remaining significant sites & archeological evidence of the area represent a deep association that their ancestors have held for thousands of years occupying in this incredible country.

Preludes 1 opened on Friday 28th of November at Mild Manners Gallery in Sydney.

Click here to view the Preludes 1 Catalogue, all proceeds from works sold go to The Fred Hollows Foundation.

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