Meet Jules

Hailing from Europe’s cradle of surfing, La Côte des Basques in Biarritz, France… Meet Jules, 15, a natural-footer switiching from classic log to twin-fins and alaias with one very specific thing : he wears a large stoked smile from dawn till dusk when in the water. The young man started focusing on his retro-surf passion not long ago, and has found his perfect fit riding Thomas Bexon’s vessels and going from one single-fin event to another… Talent, positive attitude & passion for surfing mostly define who he is. Meet then young man before you see him up against the world’s stylish log-riders at next year’s Mexilog festival… Yep, he’s invited…

Video - Shot & edited by Sarah Segalla

Music - Juniore 'Cavalier solitaire' Instrumental Version

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