Cozmic Realmz Collection || Lookbook

Introducing our first collection with Australian Special Edition Artist, Soul McKenzie that has been inspired from his trip to Hawaii with RVCAloha and wanderings between Melbourne & Byron Bay.

Cozmic: relating to the universe or cosmos, distinct from earth. Inconceivably vast.

Realm(z): a kingdom

COZMIC REALMZ is beyond our reach, an idea, it's fantasy and a state of mind. Enter the realm..... a realm with dolphin tech visions, hidden majestic & vibrant plays of color.

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Souls Of Misfits Collection || Lookbook

Souls of Misfits is a Subcultural “blurred lines” coming from the eclectic talents of the “Prime Suspects” anti crew.

The traditional crew structure is deconstructed and re-packaged; ‘Build and Destroy!’. NO! ‘Destroy and re-build!’

We are undefined by both image and uniform, the collection is a futuristic ode to the hard rocks, the displaced and the miss guided, the energy and will to succeed that spawns from the urban mundane, conformity and the volatility of uncertain times.

The fluro green colour is our unification, our colours, it represents our unified thoughts, our tribe, our gang, it says; “Look! we are here and we are one! We will kick in your door and hijack your banality!

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Herbie Fletcher | The Thrill is Back

RVCA is proud to partner with advocate, and legend, Herbie Fletcher, to bring his archival footage to life in this series of edits, produced by the man himself. Over the next 12 months, Herbie will take you through his life, through his lens in a series of edits from the Fletcher vault. With this, RVCA will be offering limited edition products that will be based on Herbie’s artistic talent, and the nostalgia that everyone will feel from his edits. Our guess is that everyone will find something in Herbie’s edits that bring back a good memory or time in the water. The Thrill is Back!

Womens Denim 2016 || Lookbook

RVCA Denim is a manifestation of RVCA's ethos, The Balance Of Opposites - designed for now, but meant to stay through the ages. Produced using the most trusted & storied fabric mills, our goal is to provide you with dependable jeans that you expect to age with; a piece of clothing that eventually becomes a walking journal of your triumphs and travels, a living record of your proud spills and scars.

Featuring Niah McLeod & photography from RVCA Advocate Sylve Colless.

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Parallelolan || New Works From Jae Copp

Parallelolan | A selection of new works by Jae Copp

Multi disciplinary artist Jae Copp spends most of his time in a small studio next to his home in the hills of far Northern NSW.

Surrounded by solitude Copp's painting, sculpture and illustrative work encompasses finely tuned line work alongside an earthy colour palate that expresses a connection with his surroundings.

It's been a few years since Copp has exhibited new work in Melbourne, so we're very pleased to be showing this series.

RVCA Corner Gallery
82 Stanley St
Collingwood VIC.

Open every weekend untill May 6th for closing drinks at 6pm.

Artist Website:

RVCA Byron Bay

In December 2015 RVCA opened its first Southern Hemisphere retail brand space in Byron Bay, NSW.

Byron Bay represented a perfect location for RVCA to open a store to showcase the brand, as Byron Bay has strong & deep roots in the arts & surf communities.

To talk to “The Balance Of Opposites” and how opposites can co-exist (Nature vs Industrialization), RVCA created two main feature walls in the store that visually represented this. Both of these feature walls where designed to have elements of nature & industrialization coexisting.

The back “Industry” Wall was treated and aged by RVCA Artists Will Lynes & Nathan Pickering to resemble a loading station of an overgrown & abandoned warehouse. Conversely the front “Nature” wall of the store as you exit store features a large format vertical green wall with copper “VA” chevrons that further represent “The Balance of Opposites”

With the retail space, also brings the latest gallery space for the brand, "The Back Gallery" which will house regular shows from ANP & Special Edition Artists as well as local group shows.

RVCA Byron Bay - 30 Jonson Street.

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