RVCAustralia | East Coast 2018

RVCA Advocates Ellis Ericson, Jordan Griffin & Jordan Rodin recently spent a few days trawling the East Coast of Northern New South Wales for waves during an early run of swell on the coast.

Video: Jackson O'Brien

Music: 'Corners' by Buoy

RVCAloha Advocate Interviews | What's your favorite place to eat on the North Shore?

Along with having the most legendary surf spots in the world, the North Shore is also home to many delicious eats -- from perfect poke bowls to some of the most famous food trucks in the world. For our final installment of the RVCAloha Advocate Interviews, we asked the question, “Where’s your favorite place to eat on the North Shore?”

Pumps In The Trunks | VASF Photography Exhibition

The opening reception for The Pumps In The Trunk photography exhibition was Friday, March 16th at the RVCA San Francisco flagship store. It was a fun event that brought people together around one of California’s oldest passions. Natalie Aleman, Matthew Bajda, Emmanuel Blackwell, Nick Jasso, and Rully each shared a personal view of their love of cars and the communities surrounding that passion. The raffle at the end of the night was a success in which people could walk away with prints of their own, and one lucky winner won a camera -- our hopes are that prize will inspire them to start shooting photos.

Special thanks to Tim Diet for providing the soundtrack for the evening, Pabst Blue Ribbon for the cold ones, and the crew at RVCA VASF.

Event photography by Rachel Rothstein

Ed Templeton | Hairdos of Defiance Event

Saturday March 17th marked the release of Ed Templeton's new photo book, Hairdos of Defiance. To celebrate this publication, Roberts Projects gallery in Los Angeles, CA hosted a photo exhibition, highlighting prints from the book. Many were in attendance, including famed director/producer Judd Apatow. Our friend, Morgnar was there to document the event. Congratulations on the new book Ed.

RVCAloha Advocate Interviews (Pt. 2) | Who's your all-time favorite person to watch surf Pipeline?

During RVCAloha we asked our Advocates who is their favorite person is to watch surf Pipeline. With local knowledge from Advocates like Danny Fuller, Tyler Newton, and Dustin Barca, to a historical perspective via Herbie Fletcher, some legendary names emerge time and time again.

Who's your favorite person to watch surf Pipeline?

Video features: Kona Oliveira, Legend and Mananalu, Dustin Barca, Yuri Goncalves, Nathan Strom, Tyler Newton, David Choe, Christian Fletcher, Danny Fuller, Rico Jimenez, Curren Caples, Shane Borland, Herbie Fletcher, and Zak Noyle.

Ed Templeton | Hairdos of Defiance

ANP Artist, Ed Templeton's latest photography book, "Haridos of Defiance" will be released this Saturday, March 17, 2008 in conjunction with his photo exhibition at Roberts Projects in Los Angeles. Join Ed, Deanna and the Deadbeat Club for night of art, photography, and free vegan ice cream.

To order the book visit Deadbeat Club Press.

* Below is an excerpt from Deadbeat Club's site

An explosion of spiked fluorescent pink hair precariously balanced atop a young girl’s head, eyes painted black in the shape of an Egyptian goddess, slender neck choked by a black leather dog collar ringed with metal thorns, a ripped-up t-shirt barely concealing the flesh of her breasts: it had the same shocking effect on a family walking along London’s King’s Road in 1977 as it did on the explorers encountering the Pawnee Indians in 1541, something exotic and strange to behold. Having a punk hairstyle was a way to spit in the eye of polite society, to rebel and depart from the prevailing fashion trends. It was an emblem of non-conformity and a hairdo of defiance - until it wasn’t.

—Excerpt from "On Mohawks" by Ed Templeton

From Disneyland to Detroit, Spokane to Scotland, Hairdos of Defiance highlights Templeton’s encounters with iconic punk-rock plumage across two decades and two continents. Shot on film, the portraits in Hairdos of Defiance track this ubiquitous expression of individuality on friends and strangers.

In the accompanying essay On Mohawks, Templeton reflects on the evolution of the mohawk, from its origins in indigenous culture to its emergence as a punk identifier, to its co-option by the mainstream, to its significance in his own life as an outsider kid growing up in suburbia.

This hardcover book features 62 photographs, printed in an edition of 1,500. Hairdos of Defiance serves as the catalogue for Templeton’s eponymous solo exhibition at Roberts Projects, Los Angeles, on view March 17 - April 21, 2018.

Betet, Bali and Friends

Betet Merta getting barreled in Bali and beyond with his friends.

Video: Lancifer

Music: Rain Tears - "Bruce I'm on Fire"

RVCAloha Advocate Interviews | Part 1

What do you love about coming to the North Shore? Here's Part 1 of our 3-part video interview series shot during our RVCAloha event on the North Shore of Oahu. The series features RVCA’s deep roster of legendary artists, surf, sport, skate and women’s advocates, recounting their favorite things they admire about Hawaii. When you throw Christian Fletcher amongst Estevan Oriol or Matty Matheson next to Dustin Barca, you truly have the balance of opposites. Stay tuned for part 2 of this video series.

Jason Polydor | RVCA Sport

Jason Polydor (Bordeaux, FRA), 26, first got the gloves on 6 years ago, with no goal or serious training ahead. 6 years in the making, 19 fights under his belt (including 4 in Thailand) and 15 wins, he's now headed to the 2018 French Nationals on March 10 and 11, 2018. A professional fireman, henceforth a dedicated Muay Thai and K1 fighter, Jason has worked hard both in and out of the ring to become one of France's rising talents. Boosted by his beloved family, supported by RVCA Sport for over a year now, and surrounded by a supportive crew of trainers & gyms… Introducing Jason Polydor.

Film & Edit >> BVidéo / Clement Bernagaud

Music >> Mirrors by UTAH

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