No Wave Compilation | Autumn 17 Collection

No Wave Compilation.

A collection of reactions; a knee jerk need for something more, the push against the regular surf troop and a roll forward with experimentation.

Inspired By... Ellis Ericson and his environments, whatever they may be; the freaks he meets, the friends he keeps and the thrift he finds along the way.

No Wave passes out on Grunge's floor and wakes up with a bitter post-punk hangover!

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Sea & Destroy Collection | Tristan Ceddia

The Sea & Destroy Collection is rooted in the harmonic hip movements of ol’ man ocean; the one and only king of the sea.

This sun drenched salty sea dog travels day & night, frequenting only the most treacherous breaks known to man. Guarded by a pod of fine thoroughbred dolphins, he slides from green room to green room, warding off any event that may penetrate his ocean home along the way.

Collection from Special Edition Artist Tristan Ceddia.

High Contrast Collection | Funskull

'High Contrast' is Routledge’s reaction to human conditioning in regards to materialism & consumerism. These artworks are embedded with shapes and symbols that have been chosen to represent certain aspects of human culture and the potential future we live in. With subtle references to rave culture, the work uses imagery and lyrics from the classic songs as a vehicle to highlight these conditions and ultimately encourage a new way of thinking.

Birdwell X RVCA Collection Lookbook

From Birdwell's factory in Santa Ana, CA, you can drive straight down the 55 freeway right past the RVCA Headquarters on your way to surf Newport. We're practically neighbors and both brands take tremendous pride in their work and in the local surf community. So, working locally with an iconic surf brand like Birdwell to create a product line made in the USA was a no brainer. Birdwell sews difficult fabric into durable product and RVCA has always been known for it's artistic and creative approach. We knew that only good things could come from a collaboration from two like-minded brands from different eras... So here it is!

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Hear from RVCA Founder PM Tenore on the collection here.

Photos by Delon Isaacs.

Womens Swim Lookbook || Spring 2016

RVCA Swim, built upon the foundation of the brands ethos “The Balance of Opposites”, is a collection designed to allow the RVCA woman to express her personal style in and out of the water. RVCA swim is an assortment of flawlessly fitting bikinis featuring high quality Italian tricot. Showcasing featured ANP artwork and a balance of prints and solids that invite you to mix and match to create your own signature look. Each season takes shape by drawing inspiration from our featured artists and advocates and their lives.

Womens July Lookbook || 2016

July brings us Tomboy casual that gets clouded in a romantic haze. Easy no fills styling merges with light structuring and smudged prints. Unexpected interpretations of feminine romantic details and details and delicate graphics are balanced with dark grunge references.

Mens July 2016 || Lookbook

July sees a well balanced mix of transeasonal fleece, jackets, shirts & long sleeve tees featuring new highlight colours tawny port, faded denim & ocean.

We also introduce RVCA's first ANP Collection by Ed Templeton. Inspired by his show, 'Synthetic Suburbia' and one of his key pieces titled 'Everyday Desires'.

The novel doll & stripe pattern are used in unique ways through a washed black palette across trunks, pants, printables and accessories.

Womens Denim 2016 || Lookbook

RVCA Denim is a manifestation of RVCA's ethos, The Balance Of Opposites - designed for now, but meant to stay through the ages. Produced using the most trusted & storied fabric mills, our goal is to provide you with dependable jeans that you expect to age with; a piece of clothing that eventually becomes a walking journal of your triumphs and travels, a living record of your proud spills and scars.

Featuring Niah McLeod & photography from RVCA Advocate Sylve Colless.

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