RATS III Launch || Curated By Stefan Marx

RATS is a magazine of few words. Mostly pictures. For the third issue Heavy Time have invited Stefan Marx to assemble a selection of his favourite artists, resulting in a distinct group that’s bound simply by drawing.

Stefan was present for the exhibition opening, accompanied by Masanao Hirayama, who will be creating a wall drawing during the show.


Thomas Baldischwyler

Linus Bill & Adrien Horni

Quentin Chambry

Susan Cianciolo

Espen Frieberg

Ingo Giezendanner

Masanao Hirayama

Francesco Igory Deiana

Ken Kagami

Zebadiah Keneally

Rhys Lee

Stefan Marx

Marcus Oakley

Jason Polan

Wesley Willis

Presented by RVCA and HEAVY TIME.

Exhibition continues May 12 - June 7.

Tino Razo | Party In The Back

RVCA alongside the Heavy Time Institute are presenting the Australian premiere of 'Party In The Back' from celebrated skateboarder, Tino Razo.

Razo's evocative images of sunset-drenched skate-sessions document the faded grandeur of South California's abandoned suburban pools. The same adventurous spirit that drove him to use word-of-mouth, satellite technology, and pure luck to track down deserted territories also permeates the tone of his art. Steeped in nostalgia for a thrill-seeking youth gone by and increasingly ungraspable notions of the American Dream, the exhibition, categorised as a 'lyrical photo eulogy', is a narrative of decay and discovery.

Having skated for over 30 years, Tino Razo lives his photo project, and his perspective is accordingly authentic. His work is being exhibited in Australia for the first time, alongside a book of all images, available to purchase alongside limited prints for the duration of the show.

View the Party In The Back catalogue of works here.

The Heavy Time Institute | RVCA Corner Gallery

The Heavy Time Institute is an opportunity to build community around ideas, creativity and social issues, with a program of exhibitions, workshops, presentations, alongside a temporary book shop.

The institute will exist in its first incarnation at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Melbourne, Australia between March 17th and May 31st, 2017.

For updates follow @heavytimebooks & @rvca_aus on Instagram.

This Is A Song | Benedict Brink

'This Is A Song' is an all womens photographic exhibition curated by Benedict Brink that opened on Friday March, 2017 at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Melbourne.

These images are a translation of moments, feelings and experiences. This is human in 2017, tuned in and turned on.

Featuring works from: Benedict Brink, Brianna Capozzi, Clare Shilland, Danielle Neu, Estelle Hanania, Hanna Moon, Kersti Werdal & Polly Brown.

Special Thanks: Corona & The Heavy Time Institute

All Photos: Michael Danischewski

Exhibition will continue to April 9th | 82 Stanley Street, Collingwood | 11am - 4pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Teen Angels | The Exhibition

RVCA was glad to support 'Teen Angels', the Exhibition this past weekend at the LA Art Book Fair. Highlighting the work of Teen Angel and the magazine he created, the exhibition was a hit for many in attendance, especially those inspired and invested in Lowrider and Cholo Culture from the 80's, 90's, and to present day. Check out photos from the exhibition opening and our weekend at the Book Fair below by Morgnar.

Check out the RVCA x Teen Angels Tees from the exhibition opening, available here.

About Teen Angel:

Teen Angel began working working full-time as an artist and writer for Lowrider Magazine in 1977. His art graced the pages regularly and soon after became well-known as ‘The Lowrider Artist’, depicting the Lowrider lifestyle in a fun, whimsical way at a time where that culture was not accepted amongst mainstream society. In 1981 he ventured into publishing on his own and started Teen Angels Magazine; with no constraints, he was able to create the magazine as he wanted featuring artwork, dedications, photo- graphs, poems, and articles all focusing on life in the streets of the Varrios of California and the Southwest. The magazine gave voice to a wide swath of young Chicanos, from the gangsters in prison to the young girls looking for love. Where others saw blight and despair, Teen Angel saw beauty and life. Rejected by larger chain stores, the only place to find Teen Angels Magazine was in liquor stores and small mom-and-pop markets in the ‘hood’. He went on to create over 200 issues which today are highly collectable due to their rarity. Teen Angel passed away in early 2015 but his legacy lives on.

In This Together || AEON & Tom Gerrard

'In This Together' is an apt name for the up and coming show by Melbourne based graffiti artist Aeon and fine artist Tom Gerrard. Their two careers have been existing side by side for a number of years, both exhibiting internationally and snapped up by art collectors around the world. Few people know that the two artists are actually the same person approaching the art world from two different angles and with two different styles.

Aeon’s quirky, iconic characters can be seen on the streets of Europe, Asia, the Americas and across Australia making him one of the most globally recognised Australian street artists. While Tom Gerrard’s career has existed predominately in galleries in cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and LA. He also hosts his podcast Bench Talk where he interviews artists and creatives about their careers.

‘In This Together’ opens at RVCA Corner Gallery in Collingwood on February 24 from 6pm to 8pm.

Now I See What You're Looking At 2

A group photographic exhibition looking at Byron Bay's youth and it's transitory influences, here and abroad. The crux of this photo show: an informal look into what a transient population does to Byron's youth, good and bad - across surf, skate, art, graffiti and music sub cultures. It goes the other way too, looking at what influences people from here take traveling to other places.

Feb 3 - March 5

Curated by Ari Browne and Matt Rabbidge.

All Photos: Tom Norton

Spring-Time | Curated By Melissa Grisancich

RVCA is pleased to present Spring-time, a group show curated by Special Edition Artist Melissa Grisancich .

Featuring a collection of works from nineteen women Artists, creating the works they are the most deeply driven to make in their chosen medium.

Works will consist of painting, ceramics, collage, sculpture, needlecraft and print. Artists contributing range from Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Japan and Denmark.

Grisancich wants to celebrate those who came before, and who will come after by bringing together a community of her own at the RVCA Corner Gallery for the first time.

Featuring works from Meredith Earls, Madeline Simm, Fiona Simmons, Hannah Nowlan, Nadia Hernandez, Luise Ono (Japan), Ellie King, Emma Wiesenekker, Beci Orpin, Susanna Rose Skyes, Lisa King, Elise Grace Wilken, Kitya Palaskas, Georgia Hill, Maddy Young, Sarah Gosling, Camilla Bromann (Denmark), Sarah Tohill & Melissa Grisancich.

Opening at the RVCA Corner Gallery on the 23rd of September, 6pm to 8pm and will remain on display until October 16th.

Event Photos: Michael Danischewski

Installation Photos: DT

Still Goofy || Paul McNeil

RVCA are stoked to be exhibiting the iconic NZ born, Byron Bay based artist Paul McNeil at the RVCA Back Gallery on Friday September 16th.

Still Goofy is a collection of ink works on paper, reflecting McNeil's dry humour and incredible wit. Simplicity is the backbone to this series - references to personal truths, musical influences and at times even political belief show up in these vibrant poster-style works.

An original Mambo artist, McNeil has published several art books, co-founded The Art Park (an artist residency, art gallery, clothing and quarterly journal project) and designed tour posters, record sleeves and endless merchandise for musicians including Beastie Boys, Beck, Pavement, Rolling Stones, Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth.

View Still Goofy Catalogue

All Event Photos: Tom Norton

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