Alex Knost | Form & Void

The opening reception for Form & Void by RVCA Advocate Alex Knost shown at the T-Hart Hall in Japan on October 13th, 2017. Movie by LIQID, song by Glitterbust. Photos by Lui Araki.

Strange Oasis

We are super excited to announce 'Strange Oasis', an exhibition of new works by Elliott Routledge.

In this new body of work, Elliott shows us why he’s known for making bold, harmonious and colourful statements on canvas. There is a sense of child like familiarity to these paintings, using his recognisable palette of colour with the addition of new images and symbolism to further extend his fascination with popular iconography.

The exhibition, which features a series of painted canvas works and a large installation, lays out the ideas of contemporary ideology and belief. A sense of something beyond all the noise and clutter of life that could be. The idea that maybe with all of these things, there is an ideal Oasis we seek to become more comfortable with existence. A place filled with treasures which make up who we are.

‘Strange Oasis’ will see Elliott bring this new body of work to the RVCA Corner Gallery in Melbourne. It will be his second ever solo show in Melbourne and will be open to the public for free.

Benjamin Jean Jean | True Stories Paris

Launching the third edition of ‘TRUE STORIES’ and first book release from the growing project, RVCA was proud to gather a community of artists, skaters, creatives and amateurs at CLASSIC book store in Paris this past Friday. In presence of artist and project initiator Benjamin Jeanjean, a longtime global ANP artist, the Paris happening allowed for a nice mix of profiles, personalities and authentic art amateurs.

« It’s pretty impressive and encouraging to see people come and learn about the project, » Jeanjean said. « These artworks and book are just the start of something way bigger I believe, as the refugee topic pretty much exists everywhere around the globe. Hopefully, we take this beyond and I hope we can bring in tens of artists to join and deliver their own take on the topic to make it a big-scale group show in the short term. »

The inititaive started in Vienna (AUT), after Jeanjean spent over a month living and learning with various refugees to deeply understand their experiences and tranlsate it all into refined, detailed custom illustrations. That first moment naturally took the artist to add work and artworks to the first chapter and hit Bordeaux (FRA), before producing a first book ‘TRUE STORIES : Vol. I ALI’ that was launched in Paris Friday.

« A book is always a great item to gather both stories and illusrations, to really take the time to transcribe those experiences and have something that stays on your hands, » RVCA Marketing’s Greg Puget said. «We are really proud to support Benjamin’s work and vision, and RVCA really is that unique brand that allows to commit to such beautiful, committed deep art projects. Definitely looking at the next stages on how we help the artist reach a wider audience because his project deserves more. »

A first happening in a long time in Paris, it was a great re-launch for the brand in the French capital, a project that naturally cals in for some soon-to-come new moments for the community.

Spring-Time 2.0

RVCA is pleased to present for the second year, Spring-Time, a group show curated by ANP Artist Melissa Grisancich .

Featuring a collection of works from nineteen women Artists, creating the works they are the most deeply driven to make in their chosen medium.

Works will consist of painting, ceramics, collage, sculpture, needlecraft and print. Artists contributing range from Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Japan and Denmark.

Grisancich wants to celebrate those who came before, and who will come after by bringing together a community of her own at the RVCA Corner Gallery.

Contributing Artists: Min Pin, Madeline Simm, Beci Orphin, Esther Olsson, Vivienne La, Caitlin Shearer, Fiona Simmons, Hayley O'Connor, Ellie King, Elise Grace Wilken, Louise Kyriakou, Alice Oehr, Nathalia Suizu, Elisa Bryant Jones, Dylan Foley, Claire Johnson, Katie Eraser, Melissa Grisancich.

Video & Stills: Michael Danischewski.

RATS III Launch || Curated By Stefan Marx

RATS is a magazine of few words. Mostly pictures. For the third issue Heavy Time have invited Stefan Marx to assemble a selection of his favourite artists, resulting in a distinct group that’s bound simply by drawing.

Stefan was present for the exhibition opening, accompanied by Masanao Hirayama, who will be creating a wall drawing during the show.


Thomas Baldischwyler

Linus Bill & Adrien Horni

Quentin Chambry

Susan Cianciolo

Espen Frieberg

Ingo Giezendanner

Masanao Hirayama

Francesco Igory Deiana

Ken Kagami

Zebadiah Keneally

Rhys Lee

Stefan Marx

Marcus Oakley

Jason Polan

Wesley Willis

Presented by RVCA and HEAVY TIME.

Exhibition continues May 12 - June 7.

Tino Razo | Party In The Back

RVCA alongside the Heavy Time Institute are presenting the Australian premiere of 'Party In The Back' from celebrated skateboarder, Tino Razo.

Razo's evocative images of sunset-drenched skate-sessions document the faded grandeur of South California's abandoned suburban pools. The same adventurous spirit that drove him to use word-of-mouth, satellite technology, and pure luck to track down deserted territories also permeates the tone of his art. Steeped in nostalgia for a thrill-seeking youth gone by and increasingly ungraspable notions of the American Dream, the exhibition, categorised as a 'lyrical photo eulogy', is a narrative of decay and discovery.

Having skated for over 30 years, Tino Razo lives his photo project, and his perspective is accordingly authentic. His work is being exhibited in Australia for the first time, alongside a book of all images, available to purchase alongside limited prints for the duration of the show.

View the Party In The Back catalogue of works here.

The Heavy Time Institute | RVCA Corner Gallery

The Heavy Time Institute is an opportunity to build community around ideas, creativity and social issues, with a program of exhibitions, workshops, presentations, alongside a temporary book shop.

The institute will exist in its first incarnation at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Melbourne, Australia between March 17th and May 31st, 2017.

For updates follow @heavytimebooks & @rvca_aus on Instagram.

This Is A Song | Benedict Brink

'This Is A Song' is an all womens photographic exhibition curated by Benedict Brink that opened on Friday March, 2017 at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Melbourne.

These images are a translation of moments, feelings and experiences. This is human in 2017, tuned in and turned on.

Featuring works from: Benedict Brink, Brianna Capozzi, Clare Shilland, Danielle Neu, Estelle Hanania, Hanna Moon, Kersti Werdal & Polly Brown.

Special Thanks: Corona & The Heavy Time Institute

All Photos: Michael Danischewski

Exhibition will continue to April 9th | 82 Stanley Street, Collingwood | 11am - 4pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday

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