RVCA X Smith Street Tattoo Parlour

RVCA is proud to introduce a new collection with the legendary Smith Street Tattoo Parlour. Smith Street was founded by ANP Artist Bert Krak & Steve Boltz in 2008 and has since grown to be regarded as one of the greatest tattoo parlors in the world. The SSTP crew is made up of legendary traditional American tattoo artists Bret Krak, Steve Boltz, Eli Quinters, Frank William, Kane Gordon and Jeremy Ross Armstrong.

The RVCA x Smith Street Tattoo collection is inspired by both brands’ shared appreciation for creative expression and clean aesthetic, which are interpreted into traditional tattoo workwear pieces. Highlights include the Smith Street Apron and Overall, which are embellished with rich fabrics and custom-embroidered RVCA x Smith Street trims.

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