Campbell Brothers | 'The Bonzer'

This past Saturday, February 4th, the Costa Mesa Conceptual Art Center hosted the opening night for the Campbell Brother's 'The Bonzer'. Curated by Alex Knost and Daniella Murphy, 'The Bonzer' is a contemporary compendium of the Campbell Brothers vehicle, surveying its evolution and accelerating mindfulness. Photos by Delon Isaacs.

'The Bonzer' will be on view through April 8th at the Costa Mesa Conceptual Art Center.

1930 Placentia Ave Unit B3
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

In This Together || AEON & Tom Gerrard

'In This Together' is an apt name for the up and coming show by Melbourne based graffiti artist Aeon and fine artist Tom Gerrard. Their two careers have been existing side by side for a number of years, both exhibiting internationally and snapped up by art collectors around the world. Few people know that the two artists are actually the same person approaching the art world from two different angles and with two different styles.

Aeon’s quirky, iconic characters can be seen on the streets of Europe, Asia, the Americas and across Australia making him one of the most globally recognised Australian street artists. While Tom Gerrard’s career has existed predominately in galleries in cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and LA. He also hosts his podcast Bench Talk where he interviews artists and creatives about their careers.

‘In This Together’ opens at RVCA Corner Gallery in Collingwood on February 24 from 6pm to 8pm.

Aidan Campbell | Inspired By...

Aidan Campbell, Inspired By... The Search. Watch Aidan tear through a couple spots in this Installment of our Inspired By Series.

Now I See What You're Looking At 2

A group photographic exhibition looking at Byron Bay's youth and it's transitory influences, here and abroad. The crux of this photo show: an informal look into what a transient population does to Byron's youth, good and bad - across surf, skate, art, graffiti and music sub cultures. It goes the other way too, looking at what influences people from here take traveling to other places.

Feb 3 - March 5

Curated by Ari Browne and Matt Rabbidge.

All Photos: Tom Norton

RVCA Trunks

We are excited to introduce you to the Spring '17 line of RVCA Trunks. In line with The Balance of Opposites, we've created the industry, balance, and nature categories to represent the technical features and aesthetics of this season's offering.


RVCAloha | Montage

Good times and good surfing are never in short supply during our winter on the North Shore. Press play and enjoy a fine variety of styles from the RVCA Surf crew in the latest episode of this year's RVCAloha Series. Video by Blaine Suque.

Mark Suciu | Inspired By...

Mark Suciu, Inspired By... School. Hear from Mark on his love for skateboarding and drive towards getting his education in the latest from our Inspired By Series.

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