In This Together || AEON & Tom Gerrard

'In This Together' is an apt name for the up and coming show by Melbourne based graffiti artist Aeon and fine artist Tom Gerrard. Their two careers have been existing side by side for a number of years, both exhibiting internationally and snapped up by art collectors around the world. Few people know that the two artists are actually the same person approaching the art world from two different angles and with two different styles.

Aeon’s quirky, iconic characters can be seen on the streets of Europe, Asia, the Americas and across Australia making him one of the most globally recognised Australian street artists. While Tom Gerrard’s career has existed predominately in galleries in cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and LA. He also hosts his podcast Bench Talk where he interviews artists and creatives about their careers.

‘In This Together’ opens at RVCA Corner Gallery in Collingwood on February 24 from 6pm to 8pm.

Now I See What You're Looking At 2

A group photographic exhibition looking at Byron Bay's youth and it's transitory influences, here and abroad. The crux of this photo show: an informal look into what a transient population does to Byron's youth, good and bad - across surf, skate, art, graffiti and music sub cultures. It goes the other way too, looking at what influences people from here take traveling to other places.

Feb 3 - March 5

Curated by Ari Browne and Matt Rabbidge.

All Photos: Tom Norton

Spring-Time | Curated By Melissa Grisancich

RVCA is pleased to present Spring-time, a group show curated by Special Edition Artist Melissa Grisancich .

Featuring a collection of works from nineteen women Artists, creating the works they are the most deeply driven to make in their chosen medium.

Works will consist of painting, ceramics, collage, sculpture, needlecraft and print. Artists contributing range from Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Japan and Denmark.

Grisancich wants to celebrate those who came before, and who will come after by bringing together a community of her own at the RVCA Corner Gallery for the first time.

Featuring works from Meredith Earls, Madeline Simm, Fiona Simmons, Hannah Nowlan, Nadia Hernandez, Luise Ono (Japan), Ellie King, Emma Wiesenekker, Beci Orpin, Susanna Rose Skyes, Lisa King, Elise Grace Wilken, Kitya Palaskas, Georgia Hill, Maddy Young, Sarah Gosling, Camilla Bromann (Denmark), Sarah Tohill & Melissa Grisancich.

Opening at the RVCA Corner Gallery on the 23rd of September, 6pm to 8pm and will remain on display until October 16th.

Event Photos: Michael Danischewski

Installation Photos: DT

Still Goofy || Paul McNeil

RVCA are stoked to be exhibiting the iconic NZ born, Byron Bay based artist Paul McNeil at the RVCA Back Gallery on Friday September 16th.

Still Goofy is a collection of ink works on paper, reflecting McNeil's dry humour and incredible wit. Simplicity is the backbone to this series - references to personal truths, musical influences and at times even political belief show up in these vibrant poster-style works.

An original Mambo artist, McNeil has published several art books, co-founded The Art Park (an artist residency, art gallery, clothing and quarterly journal project) and designed tour posters, record sleeves and endless merchandise for musicians including Beastie Boys, Beck, Pavement, Rolling Stones, Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth.

View Still Goofy Catalogue

All Event Photos: Tom Norton

Strictly Business | Will Lynes & Nathan Pickering

Will Lynes & Nathan Pickering are Lynes & Co. and they’ve been getting deep in their studio, preparing for their first solo show in a couple of years, Strictly Business. Will and Nathan have mastered the lost arts of hand painted signage, glass art, pinstriping, aged signage and murals, and making shit with your hands.

Strictly Business opened at the RVCA Corner Gallery on Friday February 26th, with special thanks to Corona & St Kilda Burger Truck.

View the Strictly Business catalogue of works.

Preludes 1 | Sylvé Colless

Sydney photogrpaher Sylve Colless’ latest project,Preludes 1 is part of an ongoing exhibition series exploring the psychological through images of the Physical.

These photographs were shot in Gnarloo - part of the Carnarvon region in remote Western Australia. It is a unique project aiming to capture varying feminine forms set against the elemental desert landscapes of this region while focusing on an array of natural tones to establish a connection between the two.

The ever changing complexion of this landscape beautifully illustrates the juxtaposition of diverse elements working in beautiful harmony. Nowhere is this more powerful than in the coastal margin where the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean clash with sand and rock edges of the Australian continent.

Gnarloo the traditional land of the West Thalanyji People – an ancient and evocative place where physical and metaphysical are interwoven. This raw and beautiful coastal landscape gives heart and identity to it's traditional owners – the remaining significant sites & archeological evidence of the area represent a deep association that their ancestors have held for thousands of years occupying in this incredible country.

Preludes 1 opened on Friday 28th of November at Mild Manners Gallery in Sydney.

Click here to view the Preludes 1 Catalogue, all proceeds from works sold go to The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Born Too Late | Jesse Lizotte

Born Too Late is Australian photographer Jesse Lizotte’s second exhibition of work, a follow-up to 2015’s hyped show Lowrider, a series that sprang from his immersion in LA’s Chicano lowrider culture and identities who make it.

With a camera in hand for longer than he can remember, Lizotte’s fascination with travel and documenting subcultures started at a young age. During his time working on Lowrider, he formed a bond with a central character who’d eventually introduce Jesse to an associate with links to the Japanese underworld. Before he knew it, Jesse found himself deep in the back blocks of Tokyo meeting a new group of young Japanese men struggling with identity while paving a way for themselves within the insular and staunchly traditional criminal underworld.

As time goes on, this next generation looks increasingly to western influences such as outlaw motorcycle clubs and American street gangs for the way they’re wanting to be seen.

Born Too Late looks at a subtle comparison between old ways and the new.

RVCA Corner Gallery
82 Stanley Street, Collingwood, VIC, 3066
Friday 13th November | 7pm to 9pm

Exhibition continues until December 6.

These Things Take Time || RVCA Corner Gallery

Melbourne artists Michael Danischewski and Andrew Johnson are joining forces to exhibit a new series of photographic works. These Things Take Time concentrates on quiet observations reflecting forged memories within unknown landscapes.

These images evoke an understanding of travel and personal growth only encountered with the freedom and inspiration of time on the open road.

Both photographers work primarily with analogue process to enhance their aesthetic, a skill they've both refined after countless hours under the haze of darkroom lights where they first met in their youth.

Having spent the years since honing their craft, These Things Take Time is a celebration of free spirit and reflection of youth. It's a showcase of years well spent taking opportunity with a camera over shoulder and pocket full of film...

Show Opens 24th July at 6pm || RVCA Corner Gallery || 82 Stanley Street Collingwood || Show continues untill August 21st

Gallery Hours | Friday & Saturday: 12pm - 6pm | Sunday: 11am - 4pm

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